WP 5. The corporate storyteller module learning: hard and soft skills

Activity 5.1
Methodology development: (syllabus) + training course content development

a) The module planning and design will answer to 5 questions-steps:

  1. Who are your learners;
  2. What kind of learning are you trying to achieve;
  3. How are you going to deliver the content;
  4. Which learning activities can be organized to meet the learning outcomes;
  5. Which resources are available to you.

Moreover, the learning methodology will be based on the competence framework developed as IO2. Testing and monitoring tool will be included in IO3 (such as guidelines to organize and implement the sessions; methods for selecting the participants in the learning activity, proposed schedule for the sessions, timeline, etc).

b) Development of IO3 course Curriculum.
First draft of each chapter will be developed by specific partners in consideration of their expertise. The Scientific committee will evaluate and assess the first collection of chapters and, if positive, it will be then evaluated by all partners for release. Each chapter development will need the following activities:
– Concept development;
– writing of required information and content;
– definition of the evaluation system (included assignments and test).

Activity 5.2
Content Validation

The methodology and the course curriculum will be demonstrated, discussed and consulted with key stakeholders in order to be validated by the Scientific committee.

Activity 5.3

The consortium will test the materials produced in IO3 by end-users/learners. The training course will be available on the project website through a specific learning platform. The whole IO3 will be open access and linked to external content.