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The Hive Multiplier Event


The Hive organized the multiplier event of the Storylines project on June 18th. The ME was an online webinar focused on storytelling usage by startup founders as a tool to promote both brand and products. The event was coordinated by Alessio Ceci and featured the participation of Elisa Caporalini CEO of Frolla, a successful startup incubated by the Hive which sparked interest by telling the story of their company in a book.

The event was divided into two moments. First Mr Alessio Ceci presented all three outputs of the project. Starting from IO1 – the interactive atlas where the login and upload process was explained and the collaboration of all stakeholders was promoted for future updates. The second and the third IOs were presented together with a clear explanation of the logical links between the Corporate Storyteller CV (IO2) and the structure of the Corporate Storytelling training course (IO3). Finally, the online platform hosting the IO3 training course was presented and instruction for login and fruition of lessons and additional materials.

In the second part of the event, Mrs Elisa Caporalini told the story of Frolla, a startup that employs young people with different types of cognitive disabilities in the artisanal production of pastries and biscuits. Mrs Caporalini wrote a book about the history of the startup’s founding, which was distributed to potential partners and customers, creating a lot of interest around the company. The discussion continued on the topic of the need for specific skills in business storytelling and training tools. The event ended with questions from the discussant and the audience.

Webinar “STORYLINES: How do businesses use storytelling?” on 18 June 2021

Storylines Learning Activity – Storytelling pilot course 7-9-11 June 2021


The Storylines project consortium organised a pilot course as the project’s learning activity. The pilot course used the Corporate Storytelling course modules developed in the course of the activities that produced the intellectual Output number 3.

In the sessions of 7-9 and 11 June Gianluca Vagnarelli, Alessio Ceci and Paola Pianzola gave lectures on corporate storytelling, the storytelling model canvas and the storyboard for corporate storytelling.  Nikolay Tsolev enriched the contents of the course with a lesson on European good practices in Corporate Storytelling, and Gianluca Vagnarelli concluded with a lesson on how to improve and evaluate the impact of a Storytelling project.

The course was enriched by the participation of important international guests. Professors Salciccia and Tomaiuolo explained the importance of Corporate storytelling through producer’s storytelling. Professors Erlach and Muller told us about their book “Narrative Organizations” and the importance of storytelling in change processes inside organizations. Finally, it was a pleasure to have with us Professor Adity Saxena from Woxsen University, India, who explained the differences between European and Western storytelling and Indian storytelling.

This was a great experience for the storytelling project consortium and allowed us to definitively validate the project products and make them even more attractive to future users.

BIC Innobridge Multiplier Event 


BIC Innobridge organized a multiplier event for the Storylines project on June the 3rd online via Zoom. The ME was structured as a webinar-discussion titled “Corporate stories – unknown practices in Bulgarian marketing”. As guest speakers and collocutors, we have invited Mrs. Nadin Vaneva – expert corporate communications in the communication agency; and Mrs. Mila Staneva (director communications) and Mrs. Nadezhda Ganeva (social networks expert) in the gaming studio Chibi Phoenix.

In the beginning, Mr. Nikolay Tsolev from BIC Innobridge presented the Storylines project, with all its outputs, results and tools (especially the interactive atlas and the training platform). The presentation gradually shifted to the other participants and their experience with the storytelling in the corporate context.

Mrs. Vaneva presented her publication “Personal story – the power of persuasive communication”, published in the renewed guidebook “Top case studies in PR”. She also noted some peculiarities in Bulgarian marketing and practices, when it comes to corporate storytelling. Mrs. Ganeva and Mrs. Staneva presented their experience from a whole different viewpoint, concerning the younger generation, the gaming industry, and the importance of storytelling in those cases.

There was also a time for a free discussion, including questions from the viewers. The main audience of the event were people engaged in the communication sector in one way or another – journalists, communication experts, marketing experts, and freelancers. Due to the diverse audience, the discussion touched on several different topics, from marketing practices to political communication (regarding the recent general elections in the country).

Storylines Learning Activity Programme on 07-09-11 June 2021

CCIL Multiplier Event 


Camera di Commercio Italo-Lussemburghese (CCIL) organized on May the 5th the Multiplier Event: “Corporate Storytelling: a communication strategy for the enhancement of the enterprises”, on the Zoom platform for the STORYLINES project.

After the welcoming speech of Mr. Fabio Morvilli, President of the CCIL, the Storylines project was presented by Mr. Gianluca Vagnarelli, Co-founder of Fatti di Storie (Partner of the Storylines project), a non-profit cultural association, that aims to spread the culture of Corporate Storytelling.

The ME continued with the guest speaker Mr. Antoine Clasen, Managing Director of Caves Bernard-Massard, who talked about the story, the evolution, and the communication strategies of his company, the biggest producer of still and sparkling wines in Luxembourg.

At the end of the event, the audience had the opportunity to make questions to the speakers. The target audience consisted mainly of managers of companies from different sectors, marketing experts, managers of Italian and Luxembourgish business associations and of the Luxembourgish Chamber of Commerce.

 Webinar “Corporate Storytelling” on 05 May 2021

Allegato CCIL

Fatti di Storie Multiplier Event 


Fatti di Storie organized a multiplier event of the Storylines project on March 19th. The Multplier Event was an online webinar focused on Erasmus+ Programme and Storylines activities presentation. The event was coordinated by Gianluca Vagnarelli and featured the participation of Paola Pianzola, Founder of Fatti di Storie Association and Alessio Ceci, staff member of The Hive.

The event was divided into four moments.

In the first part Paola Pianzola introduced the mission of Fatti di Storie association that aims to increase the awareness about the relevance of narrative communication in the Italian business sector. She also briefly shown the evolution of the corporate communication in Italy and, mostly, in Milan, highlighting the state of the art of the corporate communication in some specific economic sectors (interior design).

In the second part – especially considering the presence of many university students into the audience –, Alessio Ceci briefly introduced the Erasmus+ Programme, underlining the relevance of some topics such as internationalisation, innovation in education, close to work training programmes. Alessio Ceci also gave a general overview on the Storylines project focusing on its main objectives and the characteristics of the international partnership.

In the third part Gianluca Vagnarelli, Fatti di Storie Staff Member, provided some basic notions about Storytelling, Corporate Storytelling (with some practical example of it) and Narrative Economy. Then he introduced the audience to the three intellectual outputs of the Storylines project: the collection of the European Best Cases of Corporate Storytelling (IO1); the Skill-Set Framework of the European Corporate Storyteller (IO2) and the Corporate Storytelling training course (IO3). The three Intellectual Outputs have been presented highlighting their logical and chronological link, putting in evidence the fact that each IO is also a result of the work carried out to achieve the previous ones.

The fourth part of the Multiplier Event was dedicated to the Q/A session with the attendees. In this part, a lot of questions were focused on the skills required for implementing a corporate storytelling profession. Many universities students and young professionals were interested to better understand what kind of hard and soft skills were necessary for the implementation of corporate storytelling projects.

Audience groups: universities students, young professionals in the field of communication and corporate communication, high school teachers. 

CBE Multiplier Event


To introduce and contextualize the multiplier event of the Storylines project the partner started with an overview of the new Erasmus + Program and the new opportunities it will bring in the coming years.

Afterwards, a general overview of Storylines project data was provided. Subsequently, the first two Intellectual Output of the project were addressed: (i) the geographical Map that pointing out the importance of having relevant examples that operate using storytelling in SMEs management at Country level with the best cases, and subsequently (ii) the skill-set framework that describes in detail the 5 fundamental competencies of the Corporate Storyteller and the 230 related abilities listed under each sub-competence. Regarding the IO3 (STORYLINES training course) was presented to the attendees with the aim of creating interest, receiving feedback on the structure of the course and on the contents. A questionnaire was sent in order to collect participants comments, suggestions and data.

The event was public and the direct and indirect target, local authorities and general public participated.

The European Corporate Storyteller Skill-Set Framework – Storylines IO2


The European Corporate Storyteller Skill-Set Framework is the Intellectual Output 2 (IO2) of the Storylines Project and, in the timeline of the project implementation, is located in the middle of IO1 and IO3.

The European Corporate Storyteller Skill-Set Framework (IO2) proposes a shared definition of corporate storyteller in terms of core and relevant competencies of it, with the aim to establish a bridge between training and work environment.

The corporate storyteller is a new European professional figure able to communicate (inside and outside of the company) the history, identity and values of the companies through narrative added value process creation highlighting the distinctive, informative, ethical and emotional elements of the story.

The European Corporate Storyteller Skill-Set Framework can be downloaded here

Storylines interim meeting, 26 November 2019, Ruse, Bulgaria


The Consortium met in Ruse on the 26th of November to discuss the status of the project. Fatti di Storie presented the results of Best practices collection and its impact on the elaboration of Intellectual Output 2 – Storyteller Skills Framework that is currently underway.

 FVB The Hive presented the current situation of the online map designed in IO 1 and some tweaks and upgrades were suggested by the partnership to make accessibility easier for common users. The Consortium updated the communication and dissemination strategy by planning contents to be shared on different social media outlets.

Last but not least the partners planned ahead to start working on IO3. The Output is planned to start around January 2020. The online training platform (most probably Moodle – methodology and syllabus will be discussed between Innobridge and Fatti di Storie) will include lectures, practical tasks, training and evaluation, as planned in IO2 framework. Materials planned – texts and visuals. The platform should be usable before the training event in Milano, as participants will have to get acquainted with the materials.

IO1 is online – Storyline’s Interactive Atlas


The first output of our project is online. The interactive map will help you find interesting best cases of Corporate Storytelling around Europe so you can get some inspiration and follow the latest trend in the filed!

The Storylines interactive atlas brings together the best practices of corporate storytelling that the project’s partners have collected during the project. If you would like to be part of the atlas, please contact us at [email protected]

Let’s check it out here!

Storylines Project starts in Brussels!


On Monday 22th and Tuesday 23th the STORYLINES consortium met for the first time in Brussels to discuss and plan ahead for the future of the project. The project, led by the (Italian Chamber of Commerce in Luxembourg will be partnered by Cooperation Bancaire pour l’Europe (BEL), FVB The Hive(ITA), Fatti di Storie (ITA), Economia Creativa and BIC Innobridge (BUL).

The project aims at developing a training course on communicating through stories to create new job profiles the “corporate storyteller”. The project will focus on defining what a corporate storyteller is, creating innovative training, improve employability, improved the competitiveness of EU companies.

The meeting set up all the needed plan for financial management, time management and staff allocation. A comprehensive communication plan was presented to ensure a proper communication of project activities and dissemination of results.

After evaluating a general implementation plan to produce all the Intellectual output foreseen in the application form the partnership agreed on starting immediately the activity concerning IO1.

Good luck to our partnership for the job ahead!