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Storylines Online Training Course

Storytelling is not usually taught in institutional learning places as career opportunities.

The Storyteller is quite a new profession and does not usually have a training background. The project aims at creating a new professionalism based on storytelling for SMEs and corporates in response to the new challenges in the marketing and communication strategies field, via the elaboration of innovative teaching material to target the central element of the chain: the corporate storyteller.

Corporate storytelling means “communicating through stories”, creating narrative universes through which being able to arouse emotions in the public and captivate the attention in an emphatic way. Given the fact that storytelling is usually not taught in schools and institutional learning places as career opportunities.

The Storyteller is usually considered a creative professional which need to be learned on the field, exposing the potential individual to failure. Moreover, it is a quite new profession which is not implemented in SMEs which have not the capacity to innovate in the communication field.

Find out more the Moodle platform regarding the Training Course of Storylines. 

IO2 – European Corporate Storyteller Skill-Set Framework

The European Corporate Storyteller Skill-Set Framework (IO2) proposes a shared definition of corporate storyteller in terms of core and relevant competencies of it, with the aim to establish a bridge between training and work environment.

The corporate storyteller is a new European professional figure able to communicate (inside and outside of the company) the history, identity and values of the companies through narrative added value process creation highlighting the distinctive, informative, ethical and emotional elements of the story.

The European Corporate Storyteller Skill-Set Framework can be downloaded here

IO1 – Storyline’s Interactive Atlas

STORYLINES project aims at training NEETs and VET teachers, supplying them with all the knowledge they may need to apply Corporate Storytelling in their work and in their courses. Moreover the project aims at expanding the knowledge that SME founders have on Corporate Storytelling, stimulating them in applying it in their marketing strategies.

The Consortium firmly believes that in this era in which a lot of companies produce the same products, the best way to attract and keep a customer is to create an emotional connection between him and the brand. For that reason the professional figure of the Corporate Storyteller will have to be the one entitled with the creation and the maintenance of this bond.

STORYLINE’S Atlas will collect useful examples and best practices from big and small corporations that are using, or have used, corporate storytelling as a marketing instrument.